March 1st, 2005

Dear Father Glenn…We met at St. Mary’s and Joseph Church in Iron Mountain and also in Norway at St. Mary’s. I will like to thank you Father for saying yes to the Holy Spirit to let Jesus work through you. I will like to say that when I came to be prayed over I felt so weak. Now I am proud to admit that I have more strength . PRAISE THE LORD!


April 1st, 2006

I attended a healing mass at St. Mark’s in Peoria. As Father Fontana prayed we all witnessed a 2 ½ yr. old little girl walk on a foot that she has never been able to place flat on the floor since her birth!!!. We were all greatly moved by the miracle – many of us to tears. At that point, I was moved to go up for prayer. Since Father had a long line, I went to his prayer partner Karl. Karl told me to open my hands and my heart and began to pray over me. As we prayed together I started feeling a tingling go through my hands up into my arms and body. I felt as though layers of my chest were being torn open, though there was no pain. The tingling in my hands and arms surged into a powerful energy and permeated my body and I fell back. I felt pinned to the ground as the power of the Holy Spirit surged into my palms and throughout my entire being. Once I no longer felt ‘pinned to the floor’ I sat up cross-legged and prayed before the Crucifix. The energy of the Holy Spirit was flowing through my outstretched arms and I became cognizant that I was speaking in tongues. Later I was told I was already speaking in tongues at the point I fell backwards. I was moved to tears of joy and thanksgiving. I had been baptized in the Holy Spirit and received the gifts of tongues and understanding! Praise the Lord! Allelujah! Allelujah!


April 1st, 2006

I lost my brother two weeks ago that I loved very much. I was in a store and this man (Karl) looked at me and said he could see and feel my pain. He talked to me through Christ’s spirit and prayed with me to bring me to some peace….I believe he touched my spirit to help me. Thank you.


April 1st, 2006

(edited) I had one choice to give up the pride and replace it with the Holy Spirit and that I did…I thought that if I just sat in the side line I could avoid anyone wanting to [pray over me. Eventually, I ended up as a catcher. I thought that if I was helping out this was a way to get out of anyone wanting to pray over me. I might get embarrassed. I look over to Karl, the gentleman who was praying over people and he points to me and asks if I want to pray. What could I say but yes because I knew deep down I was called at this moment and it was a moment of Truth. “Yes I would” came out of my mouth. I shut everything out of my mind and gave up my spirit of pride and in return received the Holy Spirit in a very special way. As I felt my soul lifted I tried to hold back this exclamation of ‘Praise be Jesus’ and only say it inside but it shot right out of my mouth. ‘Praise be Jesus’ came from my soul, it was as if my soul was just filled up so much that my most inner love for Jesus could not be held in anymore.” (note: Karl is Father Fontana’s prayer partner and Executive Administrator of Mary’s Helpers Inc.)

April 1st, 2006

I am writing to witness how God has been working to bring healing in my life thru Father Glen Fontana. When Father asked me ‘What do you want from Jesus’, I asked that I never be separated from the Lord again…He asked if I was looking at religious life and I said I’ve been searching awhile. Father advised her and recommended three monasteries to check into. I was amazed and overjoyed to receive so much grace and encouragement…Having the opportunity to experience Jesus in Word and Sacrament with other thirsty souls and then have the Holy Spirit move in such a powerful personal way electrifies my soul…

April 1st, 2006

The prayers you said over me to heal my marriage have been a blessing from the Holy Spirit. I feel healing, but a great “pull” to surrender to the will of God. I pray to the Holy Spirit to cleanse and bless you….

October 1st, 2006

Thank you for the healing service on May 7th. I received spiritual healing and peace in my soul. I was raised Catholic and confirmed in the church but I haven’t been to mass since 199l. Within the last 9 months I have been reading some Catholic books, literature and praying the rosary. I am interested in coming back to the Catholic Church to participate in the sacrament of confession and to partake of the Holy Eucharist. Also, I thank you for praying for my leaking aortic heart valve.

Green Valley

October 1st, 2006

As an elderly widow, living alone, ill and in pain I realized after experiencing the Healing Services that I had become stronger in character, and better able to handle myself. You’re never alone if you know Jesus. I ask for a loving heart, wisdom to know the right and always to have Jesus before me. Thank you, Father Fontana for your wonderful service.” (She continues to serve the Lord thru others.)

Pekin, IL

May 1st, 2007


On March 25, 2007 “I asked for the healing of forgiveness. Without going into specific details I was healed of my inability to forgive my son. Thank you Jesus!”

April 4th, 2008

In gratitude for release in my muscles and for release in my sorrow over my mother’s pancreatic cancer and death. In gratitude for green, meaning life, and growth and prosperity and peace and joy.

Those are the blessings I have received following the prayer of healing administered by Fr. Fontana at St. Charles in Oakes on Divine Mercy Sunday, 2008.

Further, I have a deep understanding of the role of suffering in our lives and the life of Christ. Part is due to the release in healing of the shock of my mother’s cancerous condition and part is in connection with the reading of the mass today, second Friday after Easter.

The apostles rejoiced and continued preaching Jesus as the Messiah after being flogged by the Sanhedrin. The time frame is so close to Jesus’ own flogging, and they were filled with the strength and joy of Pentecost by then; for them to see themselves as joining in the same sufferings as Jesus had endured in his love for us must have been what lead them in living out the same path as Jesus, the path of love, suffering love.

My release came about like this. I was back sitting in the pew with my friends I had come over to Oakes with on Divine Mercy Sunday. It was like a cloud presence of arms with the color green about it and the words “”would you have taken away the cross I chose to make my way to heaven in reparation for my sins?”” That would have been my mother. Friends had told me several years after her death that she (who with my dad had raised five children, three of whom were mentally retarded by PKU disease genetically) had hoped for a cross like cancer that she could have to prepare herself for heaven and repent of her sins.

A the same moment of release, I also knew it was Jesus’s own words for his passion and death (and the humble hardships of his life prior to that as well as the opposition, etc., during his public ministry).

The green is a recognition of Mom’s favorite living room color; a similar color I have had in my bedroom since two years ago. In other word’s one I would recognize with her. Also, after her death, I have always pictured sitting on a bench in the green of a beautiful garden.

I wished to share this with you, holy shepherd, and I am glad for your Pentecost bravery in living out our faith.