Witness on Forgiveness

Dear Father Fontana,  I met you some 5 years ago when you where the chaplain at Lincoln State Prison, I was an inmate there. At the Mass you gave a homily on forgiveness and I never told you how much of an in pack was placed on me that day. I had one choice to give up the pride and replace it with the Holy Spirit  and that I did… I thought that if I just sat in the side line I could avoid anyone wanting to  help me to forgive, first myself and then the  mistakes I made in my  life and those who I victimized  in life because I would not forgive. What could I say but yes because I knew deep down I was called at this moment and it was a moment of Truth “Yes I would ” came out of my mouth.  I shut everything out of my mind and gave up my spirit of pride and in return received the Holy Spirit in a very special way. As I felt my soul lifted I tried to hold back this exclamation of “Praise be Jesus” and only say it inside but it shot right out of my mouth. “Praise be Jesus” came from my soul, it was as if my soul was just filled up so much that my most inner love for Jesus could not be held in anymore” I paid the price with life behind bars for many years. But Father Fontana I will never forget your spirit of joyfulness every time you came to the Prison to visit and offer Mass for us men. My faith in Jesus  has filled me with amazing grace and encouragement to now stay on the right path with Jesus guiding me along.  I now have a good job and twice a month I go to halfway  house to the inmates released from prison and witness the forgiving power of Jesus to them. Many listen to my words and now I use your CD on Forgiveness  the question Jesus ask Our you better then Your Master? Can you not forgive?   I tell everyone to go to your web site and get the CD on Forgiveness very powerful message.  I just want to say thank you for being you.
Sean Fitzpatrick witness on forgiveness