Dear  Friends,

TFOURTH SUNDAY OF LENToday’s Gospel tell of Jesus’ healing of the blind man.  It is not only a parable of physical healing, but a prescription for spiritual healing of those times when we cannot see God with the clarity and vision necessary to find our way to Heaven.

This lack of vision can occur for various reasons. First, in Jewish belief, anyone afflicted by a physical ailment was thought to be a punishment from God, many times passed on as a sin from the parents.  Second, physical blindness could only be cured by God Himself.  Because Jesus cures him, Jesus is equated with God.  Third, the blindness of others, who are not physically so, demonstrates the disbelief and doubt  that God can cure anyone at any time and that Jesus Christ (who is God) cares deeply for this man, where others have marginalized him and left him to die on the road side.

The lesson of the Gospel is loud and clear.  The physical healing shows the power of God. The clouded and visionless people around Jesus are more in a world of hurt than the blind man.  It is to this reality that Jesus teaches. Miracles occur all the time.  But, the greater miracle is an ever increasing belief in Jesus Christ as God and the love  that  that produces.  The blind man is loved by god. How come others can’t see the miracle?  Instead, their doubt clouds them to the miracle and they can’t look beyond the  sin.  Why does God heal the sinner? Why doesn’t God help me the way He helps others? Why am I not as special as the blind man (who obviously is a product of sin)?

Until we let the scales of judgment, marginalization  and condemnation fall from our eyes, a miracle will never be believed and healing will never happen.  God loves us!  God can heal  anyone!  Faith that god is all powerful is a grace.  Miracles are happening all the time!  But, our clouded and presumptuous vison of God disallows such physical and spiritual truths.

How do we overcome such doubt, such questions about God?  We need to make a conscious Act of Faith—trusting God, letting Him rule in our lives, and binding any sin which holds us hostage. Perhaps, physical healings are a bit more rare.  But, spiritual healing is as ordinary as they come— if you want to truly see with clearer eyes.

Yours in Christ Jesus,

Fr.  Glenn Fontana